Digital – Starboard


Starboard is the home of number owned and operated newsletters and email distribution lists. With an addressable audience of nearly 20 million Americans, Starboard has the reach and expertise to maximize ROI for your campaigns.


For years Starboard has built and acquired the highest performing email assets and continues to maintain, refine and utilize those assets. As a result Starboard has become an industry-leader in the email marketing space. 

Text messages have become one of the most effective forms of direct response marketing and Starboard has built an addressable audience of nearly 10 million Americans that we leverage on behalf of our qualifying clients. Starboard maintains the strictest adherence to TCPA regulations to ensure our clients are compliant with every campaign. 
We work hand-in-glove with our clients to develop the right messaging and imagery that will maximize ROI on each deployment. 
Starboard Digital is a full service agency with award-winning graphic design and video production capabilities. Our video content has organically reached over 1 Billion views across TV and social media in 2023 alone. Our content is routinely distributed by some of the largest social media accounts in the world. 
From story-boarding to on-site filming to post-production Starboard brings to market a best-in-class team capable of producing anything from rapid-response social videos to full production Super Bowl caliber commercials. 

Starboard’s paid media team has executed hundreds of millions of dollars in paid media across search engines and social media. Our expertise is grounded in a dedication to optimization and business model that ensures success for our clients. We do not structure our deals in a way that incentives spending our clients money – we structure them in a way that incentives positive ROI.